Firms are equally dependent on recruiting and retaining the right personnel just as much as the candidate is required to seek the most promising career environment to grow both professionally and personally. As advisor of choice to leading organisations as well as to talented and experienced individuals, we are constantly seeking both attractive working environments and candidates with exceptional leadership potential.

If you are an employer seeking to recruit, develop and retain the right personnel to help your business grow, our human capital experts will be pleased to present you a selection of profiles of qualified candidates and human resources management instruments respectively in order to achieve the best person-organisation-fit as well as measurable and sustainable job performance. Our rates for this customised consulting service are competitive and transparent. For more information, please contact us by phone on +41 (0) 43 538 79 90 or email

If you are a candidate seeking temporary or permanent positions, our recruitment consultants will be happy to introduce to you and discuss with you new and adequate career opportunities. You can either call us on +41 (0) 43 538 79 90 or simply submit your Curriculum Vitae accompanied by a cover letter outlining your interests to This service is both free and confidential.

All our services are subject to discretion and confidentiality. For more information about our privacy protection for both candidates and companies, please refer to our privacy policy.