Congentis mission statement and value framework

Congentis is committed to:

Treating each other with respect and dignity.
Applying the highest standards of professionalism and reliability
as well as integrity and confidentiality.
Providing personal service and professional expertise
to both clients and candidates in order to achieve measurable and sustainable results.
Embracing diversity and nourish a stimulating and socially inclusive
work environment.
Contributing positively to community and social responsibility.

In successfully combining latest academic research and effective consulting services in human capital management, we have become an established brand within our industry and a trusted partner for our clients that need to recruit, retain and promote the best talents in their individual markets and for highly skilled candidates seeking the ideal environment to grow professionally as well as personally.

Congentis is committed to the highest level of integrity, confidentiality and social responsibility. We adhere to a distinguished code of professional ethics and partnership.

Based on these values, we actively listen to our clients' and applicants' needs and place their interests first in order to provide customised services and optimum results as well as to establish a relationship of mutual trust.